How to bypass blocked websites by your school or office

How to bypass blocked websites by your school or office or even institute.lolx.

  1. Install HotSpot Shield. U can download it in Security Section.
  2. Then on the toolbar on ur right handside, u will see the shortcut icon right
  3. Click on the icon then press connect
  4. It will be connecting like it show assigning a ip address.And it will show connected and then show the homepage
  5. Then u can type any site u want . Check with me back if u have further inquiries.

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How to hack Friendster account phishing

How to hack Friendster account via phishing

If any of u doesnt know what 'phishing' is, google it.

Lets start:

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Request page

Any software or tools u're searching? Any tips or guidance that u  need? Request it here by putting down ur comments below. I'll give u feedback as fast as I can. :D

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How to make your PC Talk - Simple trick

Now you can create your own text to speech converter software to make your computer speak whatever you type. Just run this script and make it read any funny sentence.Copy the code given below in notepad and save it as anyname.vbs Make sure that you save it as .vbs file.

Dim message, sapi
message=InputBox("What do you want me to say?","Speak to Me")
Set sapi=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
sapi.Speak message



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How to do a simple prank on your friend's computer

How to do a SIMPLE prank on your friend's computer ( ur family or anyone else, u name it)

1. First make sure nothing is open like a web-browser, notepad or anything.

2. Then put the mouse is all the way to the bottom right so it’s not showing.

3. Then hit the prt scr button for screen shot.

4. Then open paint on their pc and paste that screen shot.

5. Save it to their desktop as screenshot or something then close paint.

6. Then right click on their desktop and highlight "arrange icons by" then uncheck show desktop icons. (View, then uncheck Show Desktop Icons on Vista)

7. You should have a plain looking desktop.

8. Ok now right click their taskbar and uncheck lock the taskbar.

9. Then click on the middle of the taskbar and drag it all the way up top.

10. Now right click on it again and pick properties, put a check in the "auto-hide the taskbar" and then apply it or click ok.

11. Now right click on their desktop and pick properties. (Personalize on Vista)

12. Hit desktop tab. (Desktop Background on Vista)

13. Browse to their desktop and pick the screenshot you saved a minute ago as their background.

14. Now watch them try clicking start or any of the icons.

15. Enjoy the sound of them clicking on stuff like crazy.

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How to speed up Firefox

How to speed up Firefox

1. Open up FF click into the Firefox address location bar, and type about:config , press Enter.

2. The "Config" file will appear in the Firefox browser as a page with hundreds of lines of code in it. Now, we start by enabling some advanced tabbed options:

3. Locate the line Single Window Mode Prefs . (tip: press "b" on your keyboard to quick scroll).

4. Double click on Single Window Mode Prefs . This will set its toggle to "true". Now your advanced and enhanced tabbing should be set.

5. Next: we will increase the "pipeline" RAM ability for Firefox to accommodate more packet transfer. In the same config document, scroll down to the line that says network.http.pipe lining . Double click this line to set it to "true".

6. Lastly, we will increase the maximum pipeline requests to 100. Find the line that says network.http.pipe lining.max-requests . Double click on it, and a dialog box will pop up. Change the setting from 4 to 100.

7. No need to save this file. Simply close and restart Firefox, and you should see an immediate 10% to 40% increase in web page transfer speed, and faster opening of your tabbed windows! Enjoy!

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How to increase Laptop's Battery Life

How to increase Laptop's Battery Life - ( of coz for laptop users.duh )

Mobile computing has got better with lighter components, better chips and faster processors. But the Achilles heel of a laptop has remained its battery. So here are we are going to look at ways to increase laptop battery life.

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CCleaner [Regularly Updated]

CCleaner version 2.27.1070

CCleaner is a freeware system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. Additionally it contains a fully featured registry cleaner. But the best part is that it's fast (normally taking less than a second to run) and contains NO Spyware or Adware! :)


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How to view invisible person in Yahoo Messenger

Ever thought of certain people maybe invisible in Yahoo Messenger? Want to caught them?

Or do u want to download their avatar to be saved in ur disk?

Here's the simplest way to know/view certain users are invisible (without any downloads)

  1. Go to ur browser and type or paste this address or just click here
  2. There's an empty space for u to fill in the user's ID. ( to get user's ID, click on their names in ur YahooMessenger and on top of it, the username is visible.or simply type in their yahoo address without
  3. Then, click GO. Voila!! The user's status will shown as Invisible, Online, Offline. Easy.
I do this for fun only, some people being invisible maybe due to their needs of privacy. So, respect their privacy.lolx.

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Hijack This [Regularly Updated]

If persistent spyware is bogging down your computer, you might need HijackThis. The tiny program examines vulnerable or suspect parts of your system, such as browser helper objects and certain types of Registry keys. Pressing the Scan button generates a log of dozens of items, most of which are just customizations. Don't check off an item and hit the Fix Checked button unless you're sure it's malware. Clicking Info on Selected Item tells you why the entry was flagged as suspicious, but not whether it's actually malware.

Suffice to say, whenever u suspected or confirmed that ur system is being bugged by spyware,virus and all that, HijackThis is a tool to scan and identify which area are being bugged and need to be repaired. Caution- If u doesnt know exactly what are u dealing with, send the log to me so I can assist u on how to diagnose ur problem and solve it. Say NO to formatting ur system. Dont risk of losing valuable files.


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HotSpot Shield

This tool helps u to hide your ip from being visible when u're on the net.

Perfectly used during surfing using free wireless networks at your home, school, institute, anywhere.

Notes: It may slow-down ur surfing progress a bit for 1st-time users.

[UPDATED] - U may bypass websites restrictions by ur institute or office networks without using proxy softwares. Check the tutorial at


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  1. Im not responsible for any damages in result downloading / using the things inside this blog.
  2. Most of the things here I had/currently use and no damages to my system since Im very careful with what I used and suggest to people.
  3. I provide further assistance , you can ask me for help or doesnt understand on how to use certain tools.

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Actually, this blog was created about 6-8months ago, Since I already made raulzaidi.blogspot and kaorihanao.blogspot, so I decided to use my other nickname instead, that is, SLaSH. Maybe in the future I will publish another blog with kuzuryu, K, [RisingSuns]_K and tantalau25. tantalau25 may sounds obscene to the Sabahans but not internationally (as i've been using it for online poker gaming, kinda brings me goodluck.lolx )

Okay, slashaha.blogspot meant to sharing my knowledge, others can share also, regarding techs, internet,

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