How to Add Mp3 player ( Music BackGround ) for blogger,

How to Add Mp3 player ( Music BackGround ) for blogger. ( requested by Ariff)

Here's step-by-step tutorial on how to add mp3/mp4 player into your blog.with pics.simple (and lazy) edit.

Firstly, go to  , register a free account, just takes a couple of minutes tho.simple.

Next, choose your mp3 style

-Click 'Create a playlist'-

Next, there are two ways to add songs to your playlist;
  • Search the site database, it’s easy and I think you’ll find what you are looking for
  • Add new music file by adding it’s URL
I just searched the site's database.And get my songs.Simple.

  1. Type a keyword to search the database, and find your song
  2. Click on add ( + ) icon next to it . Simple.
Next,saving your playlist and Getting the code

  1. Check whether your songs are already insert into your playlist
  2. Name of your playlist
  3. Save, and get your code.Simple.

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