What You Should NOT Install in Your Computer

What You Should NOT Install in Your Computer

The following is a list of some types of software that I don't recommend you use: 

Disk Compression Utilities
Programs that make more free space on your hard drive by compressing the data can reduce the overall system performance, and in some cases cause loss of all your data.

RAM Doublers
Programs that claim to increase the amount of memory in your computer DO NOT WORK. They slow the computer, and in some cases will cause the computer to become unstable or crash.

Speed Enhancers
Programs that claim to increase the speed of your computer or it's sub systems, such as; CD-ROM drive, Hard drive, etc. Most of these utilities are, at best, of minimal help, and in most cases will actually reduce the overall performance of your computer.

Computer Diagnostic or Repair Programs
Programs or utilities that claim to diagnose or repair problems with your computer are generally more trouble than they are worth. Find a competent computer professional and have them fix your computer.

Cutesy little screen things
Many times a well-meaning friend will email you an attachment, or a link to a web page, that has some little screen animation novelty, that causes gremlins, rabbits, or some other nonsense to hop, crawl, or move around on your screen. Don't download or install these little novelty programs. There are several reasons not to bother with these things:

1. The fun goes away fast, but the program may not. Many of these novelties are easy to install but exceedingly hard to remove from your computer.

2. Most are so poorly crafted that they pose a crash hazard to your computer. They may work just fine on Aunt Martha's computer but can cause instability problems when installed on another machine.

3. Some may contain a virus. For a few minutes of animated fun on your computer screen you may pay the price of a virus that can destroy all the programs and data on your computer. Is five minutes of dubious entertainment worth the risk.

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